Throughout the term the Year 10s of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College were learning about adaptive physical education. It required us to research several different sports especially those played in the Paralympics, and to learn how those sports were played by people with a disability.
Our year level mainly focused on a sport called “Goalball”, however we weren’t that good at it to start with. With the help of Rob from ExSight Sports, he taught us how to play the sport properly and gave us an insight as to how the vision impaired play the sport to the best of their abilities. It opened up our minds as we all learnt so many new things such as using lines on the floor space to help us locate whereabouts we are, and also how to move around the field in the correct way, utilising all our body parts. We were fascinated as to how the real professionals play the sport as the ball can travel up to 90 km/h, and there we were just trying to roll the ball straight.
When we played it, majority of us were scared being blind folded rolling balls at each other, so we found it amazing as to how they have such trust in each other while playing. We really appreciate how Rob came to teach us about Goalball and how to play the game to the best of our abilities using all of our other senses when our sight has been lost. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn about adaptive education as not only is it fun to participate in, but a real insight into how people have turned something in their lives into a great positive – putting all their energy into something they love.

Patricia and Emma – Year 10 students,
‘Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College’

On Wednesday, 13th February, the Diploma Sport Development Students had the privilege of participating
in Goalball. Being unable to see while playing such a sport proved to be a most challenging, yet most
rewarding opportunity. Having Sam demonstrate his skills was so remarkable and the whole experience enabled
us all to gain a true appreciation of the difficulty of not relying on our sight and to engage our other senses – hearing and
touch. The competitive streak emerged and whilst we were all novices at the game, it was an activity we all learnt from and enabled
us all to gain an appreciation for goalball.

I highly recommend everyone to have a go, the feedback from the students was most commendable and a great team building opportunity.

Dianna Alonso
Sports Co-ordinator NMIT