What happens in an Exsight Sports Session?


Our sessions ideally run for 1 – 1.5 hours.  The larger the group size the more time is needed for a meaningful experience.

The session aims to offer participants an educational experience and an experiential challenge. The session includes:

  • An introduction to vision impairment and some of the effects of vision impairment on people.
  • Orientation exercises under blindfold or vision impairment simulation glasses – Participants work in pairs and groups and experience the inhibited movement process that vision impairment brings.
  • An introduction to the sports of Goalball or Blind Cricket.  How they are played? The rules and the modifications made for the disability group.
  • Playing full or simulated games of Goalball and Blind Cricket.
  • A conclusion and debrief of the experience is held to reflect and identify the outcomes of the experience.

Want to preview your potential experience?

We can expand these sessions into a program if required and the sports individual skills can be developed and practiced to a full game being played over a series of sessions.

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Curriculum Links

Wondering how an ExSight Sport Goalball Session fits into your curriculum delivery.  Here are the Key Knowledge and skills inherent in our sessions and some of the possible outcomes that your stuents will take from their participation.

Vic Curriculum Links (Levels 3-10 and VCE Unit 2)

Levels: 3 & 4

Personal, Social and Community Health

Examine how success, challenge and failure strengthen personal identities (VCHPEP088)

Movement and Physical Activity

Adopt inclusive practices when participating in physical activities (VCHPEM102)

Levels: 5 & 6

Personal, Social & Community Health

Investigate how celebrating similarities and differences can strengthen communities (VCHPEP114)

Movement and Physical Activity

Demonstrate ethical behaviour and fair play that aligns with the rules when participating in a range of physical activities (VCHPEM122)

Levels: 7 & 8

Personal, Social & Community Health

Examine the benefits to individuals and communities of valuing diversity and promoting inclusivity (VCHPEP132)

Movement and Physical Activity

Modify rules and scoring systems to allow for fair play, safety and inclusive participation (VCHPEM141)

Levels: 9 & 10

Personal, Social & Community Health

Critique behaviours and contextual factors that influence the health and wellbeing of their communities (VCHPEP151)

Movement and Physical Activity

Reflect on how fair play and ethical behaviour can influence the outcomes of movement activities (VCHPEM160)

Level: VCE Physical Education Unit 2 – Area of Study 1

Key Knowledge:

– A range of physical activity promotion and sedentary behaviour reduction initiatives and strategies that target different populations based on factors such as age, sex, gender, people with disabilities, cultural and indigenous groups.

Key Skills:

– Participate in and reflect on a variety of different forms of physical activity, including a variety of culturally diverse physical activities.

– Participate in physical activity, and collect, analyse and reflect on information related to the physical, social, mental and emotional health benefits of physical activity.

Level: VCE Physical Education Unit 2 – Area of Study 2

Key Knowledge:

– The key concepts associated with the selected contemporary issue associated with participation in physical activity and/or sport in society.

– Government, community and/or personal strategies or programs designed to promote participation in physical activity and/or sport.

Key Skills:

– Identify contemporary issues associated with participation in physical activity and sport.

– Participate in and reflect on physical activities that illustrate the participatory perspective of the selected issue.”