Sample Student Session

What happens in an Exsight Sports Session?


Our sessions ideally run for 1 – 1.5 hours.  The larger the group size the more time is needed for a meaningful experience.

The session aims to offer participants an educational experience and an experiential challenge. The session includes:

  • An introduction to vision impairment and some of the effects of vision impairment on people.
  • Orientation exercises under blindfold or vision impairment simulation glasses – Participants work in pairs and groups and experience the inhibited movement process that vision impairment brings.
  • An introduction to the sports of Goalball or Blind Cricket.  How they are played? The rules and the modifications made for the disability group.
  • Playing full or simulated games of Goalball and Blind Cricket.
  • A conclusion and debrief of the experience is held to reflect and identify the outcomes of the experience.


Want to preview your potential experience?

We can expand these sessions into a program if required and the sports individual skills can be developed and practiced to a full game being played over a series of sessions.

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