In the Corporate environment sessions run for 2 hours.  The larger the group size the more time is needed for a meaningful experience.

The session aims to offer participants an educational experience and an experiential challenge. The session includes:

  • An introduction to vision impairment and some of the effects of vision impairment on people.
  • Orientation exercises under blindfold or vision impairment simulation glasses – Participants work in pairs and groups and experience the inhibited movement process that vision impairment brings.
  • An introduction to the sports of Goalball or Blind Cricket.  How they are played? The rules and the modifications made for the disability group.
  • Playing full or simulated games of Goalball and Blind Cricket.
  • A reflective session highlighting the values and difficulties of communication and cooperation with colleagues and the importance to be clear and succinct in the communication process in the workplace.

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Please note:

Session bookings are dependent upon the availability of finding suitable venues.  This activity would be ideal for the out of office corporate retreat but can be done as part of a planning day or team building session.

Venue charges are at the expense of the Client.

All sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of the client.

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