Diversity and Adaptive Experiences.

A Goalball or Blind Cricket sporting experience can support participants understanding of disability and the challenges of vision Impaired people.

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School Programs

Why not deliver the Paralympic Sport of Goalball or the International Sport of Blind Cricket to your students? With our individual sessions or full programs we can create some excitement in your Physical Education classes. We provide all of the equipment and expertise all you need to supply is a venue!

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Corporate Team Building Opportunities

Want to challenge your team with an amazing opportunity to experience a world that challenges the senses. You wont get a better activity that tests the communication of your team and highlights the importance of working together.

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"Open your Eyes" to Vision Impaired Sport. Check out the programs available NOW!

ExSight Sports delivers experiential vision impaired challenges to Schools, Community Groups or Corporate teams.

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Looking for that adaptive Sport Experience or want to build your students understanding of diversity and disability in an active environment! Need to spice up your program or provide a stimulating end of term activity?

No time to acquire the equipment and research the options.

ExSight Sports can do it all for you.

We provide all of the equipment and expertise, we can be flexible to your situation and needs and we can give your students the “eye opening” experience that will change the way they look at Disability!


Looking for that alternative team building experience that provides learning and developmental opportunities while having fun and even a few laughs!

We offer an active and passive 2 hour session which provides mental and physical challenges as well as developmental values in  the areas of communication and teamwork.

An ExSight Sports Experience will change your perception and respect for the vision impaired.  It may even help you understand a bit more about yourself and our communication with others.

Goalball Explained!

This video gives the basic rules and aims of the game and provides viewers an insight to the ExSight Sports Goalball Experience. Thank-you to the Australian Paralympic Committee for the video.

Here is what 2 Students Patricia and Emma from Our Lady of Sacred Heart College had to say about their ExSight Sports Experience!

Throughout the term the Year 10s of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College were learning about adaptive physical education. It required us to research several different sports especially those played in the Paralympics, and to learn how those sports were played by people with a disability.
Our year level mainly focused on a sport called “Goalball”, however we weren’t that good at it to start with. With the help of Rob from ExSight Sports, he taught us how to play the sport properly and gave us an insight as to how the vision impaired play the sport to the best of their abilities. It opened up our minds as we all learnt so many new things such as using lines on the floor space to help us locate whereabouts we are, and also how to move around the field in the correct way, utilising all our body parts. We were fascinated as to how the real professionals play the sport as the ball can travel up to 90 km/h, and there we were just trying to roll the ball straight.
When we played it, majority of us were scared being blind folded rolling balls at each other, so we found it amazing as to how they have such trust in each other while playing. We really appreciate how Rob came to teach us about Goalball and how to play the game to the best of our abilities using all of our other senses when our sight has been lost. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn about adaptive education as not only is it fun to participate in, but a real insight into how people have turned something in their lives into a great positive – putting all their energy into something they love.

Patricia and Emma – Year 10 students,
‘Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College’